Thursday, October 4, 2018

No One Came to Pray

On a recent trip to Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to see Arlington National Cemetery on a trip offered by HonorFlightsAZ. Being a Korean War veteran, it was very impressive and a moving experience.

While on the trip, Karen, one of the "Angels" that kept the trip in order, showed me two great photos she had taken of Arlington National Cemetery. The first photo, with my poem, is posted  on this blog. . . previous posting......"Rest in Peace - Heroes". . . . HERE

Photos "talk" to me and I express the thoughts in the form of a poem. Sometimes it takes weeks to write a poem. Karen's second photo 'Yelled" at me and the words just flowed.

Enjoy Karen's great photo and my poem . . . . . 
                                                      Photo courtesy of Karen Keogh Friddle

It’s a cold and gloomy mid-winters day
Tree leaves have fallen and blown away
Headstones mark where warriors lay
But, on this day, no one came to pray

No birds were singing or flying above
Graves with no flowers, no tokens of love
Heroes, when a nation called, they said, “Okay!”
But, on this day, no one came to pray

The liberty we enjoy comes with a cost
In combat, many lives are often lost
Their remains are also here, respectfully, laid
 Yet, on this day, no one came and prayed

Bow your head, humble soul, let the good Lord know
Your phrase and thanks for the brave souls resting below
Thanks, brave veterans, our freedom is here to stay
Yes, on this day, I am here to pray!

                                              Poem by Herm Meyer


 If you like Karen's photo, please leave her a note in the comments section. If you like my poem, please leave a note for Karen since her photo was the inspiration for the poem.

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  1. Great photo and poem. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for your service Herm