Sunday, December 6, 2020

Native American Art

 Salut tout le monde,
A little different posting this time....No poem! 
Today, we're presenting some interesting observations about the Native American decoration that graces the front of out newly purchased home in sunny Arizona.
After studying the decoration, we appreciated the talented craftsmen that created this meaningful artwork with probably only basic hand tools.. 




Earlier this year, my wife and I downsized to a triple-wide manufactured home in a senior community. Paradise Shadows located in northeast Phoenix, AZ. As expected, we have been adapting our new surrounding to our likes. Having lived in the Phoenix area since 1960, we love the southwestern theme.

Under consideration at our new house has been, “Should we get rid of this ornament which is on the front of our house?”

At a distance, it looks like someone spilled some molten metal on the floor and, when it cooled, they called it a decoration! At a closer look, I realized that was not the case.

This decorative wall hanging is really a talented Native American’s creation to represent the universe and it does so in numerous ways. . . . . .

1. Notice the two crescent moons facing each other. They are complete with eyes, nose and (hard to see…<>) mouth.

2. The moon is shown both as full and as two crescents for its waxing and waning phases.

3. The full moon is surrounded by the flares of the sun.

4. The flares of the sun are the result of a solar eclipse.

5. The one star represents the stars of the universe.

(Wouldn't it be nice if, in today’s divided world, people could see eye-to-eye?)


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