More About Me

For me it all started in 1930 which makes me almost as old as dirt. In fact, when I go for a walk these days, the buzzards start circling above.

The early years of my live were spent as a farm boy in Northern Illinois. Besides farming, activities included ham radio and industrial league baseball. I was drafted in my early twenties during the Korean War. My duty after extensive radio school training was with NATO in Fontainebleu, France. I spent lots of time in Paris.

Shortly after being discharged from the Army, I went to college and graduated with an Electronic Engineering degree in 1962. With the exception of seven years, I was employed as an engineer and retired in 1993. The seven year break was spent as a stock broker beginning with a training program on Wall Street. While on Wall Street I graduated from the New York Institute of Finance.

I have led a physically active life with some very ambitious hiking and mountain climbing activities.

My wife Sharron and I were married in 1963 and moved to Phoenix, AZ. We have three grown children; all three boys.

In my retirement years, I have remained an active stock trader. I also stay physically and mentally active. I work out regularly at a health club and I am seriously studying French via the internet. Lots of my time is spent on the computer between stock trading, the internet and emailing.