Sunday, June 14, 2015

Alone Togerther

Recently, I received an e-mail containing  a long string of photos. Each accompanied with an appropriate caption. One of the photos with its provocative scene and "who" question caught my attention and prompted me to write today's poem.   Enjoy. . . . . . .


An interesting situation for which to ponder
As through a world of unknowns, we do wander

Suppose we could spend time, say, an hours’ worth
With anyone, living or deceased, that’s graced this earth

Who would you pick for their thoughts to share?
What ideas and insight might they declare?

It’s a no-brainer; Jesus, you might hasten to say
No thanks, I’d respond, I talk to Jesus every day

Seated side by side at this view point supreme
In awe, I’d probably just listen; as if in a dream

People from all walks of life, my list grew and grew
Tough decision, so many famous people made the queue,

But, the person I really want to spend some time with



                                                                 Poem by Herm Meyer


The "who" question was difficult for me. It was hard to limit myself to just one person. However, after lots of consideration, I did arrive at a choice. The name will remain a secret for now lest I influence your selection.

I would be very interest in hearing your choices!!!! Use the comment box. This could be very interesting and informative.