Friday, February 27, 2015


The picture for today’s poem was found on the internet and came from an excerpt from Arizona Adventure by Marshall Trimble, the state’s official historian. It is a photograph of the Statue that honors the card game in which the town of Show Low, Arizona derived its name.

Enjoy . . . . . .


In the pioneer days of Arizona
The stakes were often high
It was put-up or shut-up
And no one questioned why

Two pioneers on nearby spreads
Were a feudin’ and a fussin’
When one got in the other’s view
Tempers flaired, twas lotsa cussin’

Cooley and Clark were neighbors
With a burr in their craw
A feud finally festered; settle
They must; cards they’d draw

Seven-up was the game
Low card wins, the rule of play
Twas a simple game, but the
Stakes were high that fateful day

The deck was shuffled; cards
Dealt face down, one by one
When the Club deuce was turned up,
The game was over; Cooley had won

So, Clark moved on down the road
The bickering ended and now you know
How a town in northeast Arizona
Got the unique name of . . . . Show Low

                               Poem by Herm Meyer

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