Saturday, November 23, 2013

Going With The Flow

It was a rainy day here in Phoenix recently and I decided to do what I always do…..Let it rain! But, as I’m watching the rain, the phrase “going with the flow” came into my mind. Alas, the title for a poem!
I wrote this poem on that rainy day.

The photos were found on the internet. Kudos to the photographers that catch these images “au natural”.  The eagle certainly goes where it wants to go. Taking directions from no one: it is an American icon.

A butterfly bobs thru the air with ease
Sailing merrily along on a gentle breeze
It’s much easier, don’t you know
When you’re going with the flow
 Making new highs on a thermal’s rise
An eagle soars majestically in the skies
It’s much easier, don’t you know
When you’re going with the flow
A salmon swims upstream, her eggs to lay
Driven by instinct, its nature’s way
It would be much easier, don’t you know
If she could have “gone with the flow” 
Life’s struggles can be a real pain
And it’s harder to go against the grain
It’s much easier, don’t you know
When you’re going with the flow 
So whatever life dishes up on your plate
No need to complain, fuss or get irate
Smile! Because now you already know
You’re sure to be going with the flow 
In a life hereafter when they’ve closed the books
Totaled the score, at which now, your Creator looks
There’ll be a wink and a smile! Let the record show
You made it through life, going with the flow!


The butterfly mentioned in the first stanza is certainly a unique insect! There are literally hundreds of different species. I found this Glass Winged Butterfly to be one of the most unique; however, the coloring on others is truly amazing. Well worth a Google search of butterfly photos.
The life cycle of the butterfly from cocoon to the final winged insect is also quite interesting. Truly a miracle of nature!




  1. Dearest Herm,

    Beautiful and perfect for all of us to remember each day.



    1. Thanks Jules, I miss you and Kristin