Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fido's Poetic Thoughts

As a person that likes dogs, its always fun to write a poem about man’s best friend. A good source of dog photos can be found on the internet. Many of the photos are of pets dressed in people clothes and/or accessories. Hats seem very popular among the pet owners, but maybe only tolerated by the dogs.

The dog in today’s poem does not look too thrilled to say the least!


Seems whenever that camera comes out
And my “people mom” sees me hanging about
I find myself posing in some weird position
It’s getting to be a family tradition!

Now isn’t this hat thing the last straw?
Maybe, I should also wave with my paw
Stay! Don’t move! Say cheese! Click!
These photo sessions are never over quick!

I guess it’s really a fair price to pay
In return for a nice home to stay
There’s a nice back yard in which to play
And they take me for walks most every day

I’m treated very well and the food is good
It’s been that way since early “puphood”
So . . . . guess I’ll stay right where I am
Lights, camera, action . . . Madame!



The Thanksgiving Day celebration is coming up soon here in the United States. Like the hound dog in the poem, it’s a good time to reflect on your blessings and be thankful!

There are many things for which I am thankful. You, my readers, are on that list. . . . THANKS!

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