Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Healthy Happy Heart

Normally a picture or a photo catches my attention, and I write a poem as the image  “talks” to me. Sometimes I’ll pick an historic event or person as the subject of my poems.

This time it was a traumatic event in my life that became the subject of a poem. 

Pumping (Iron) Heart



My body had a traumatic heart event
With sirens screaming, to the ER I went
Before I knew it, I was lying in bed
Hospital gowned, my own clothes I’d shed

Shaving my groin . . .  gotta get rid of the hair!
Hummm, when did my heart move down there?
Later on as I came to, “You’re in luck,” I was assured, 
“A stent fixed the area where the problem occurred.”

Alas, my joy and elation would not last long
Some things with my heart still were wrong
Open heart surgery was the phrase they used
Frankly, this “ole boy” was not very enthused

A month later ….. Hi ho, hi ho, off to surgery I went
Scared, but no turning back, I’d given my consent.
Tests had foretold that my heart was not well
So they split my chest open like an old clam shell!

A bad valve was replaced with one from a swine
Except for the “oink”, everything’s working fine
Four bypasses were needed as part of the cure
Then they threw in a pacemaker, just to be sure

Recovery went okay but the days sure went slow
But soon this scary event mellowed like an old banjo
And, so it seems, they’ve reset my life’s hourglass
It feels so good to be on the “Green Side of Grass”

                                               Poem by Herm Meyer


This beautiful plum tree was found blooming in my neighborhood the spring....

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