Friday, April 19, 2013

My Country

One of the areas I have tried to avoid as a writer is politics. In general, my poems and my musings have had a touch of humor with, maybe, an unexpected twist for an ending. Today’s post is serious stuff; bipartisan and patriotic in nature.

Born as an American and having served in the armed forces, it troubles me deeply to see the path our country s headed. The reckless spending by our government and the obvious political agendas being played out are not in the best interest of this great nation. . . . . IMHO (In my humble opinion). The elected officials don’t seem to care, or don’t comprehend the seriousness of the trend away from our historic values.

Today’s poem reflects my thoughts and concerns…….


The song “America” starts with, “My country, ‘tis of thee”
Then goes on to share a persona of the land of the free 
But, an ominous cloud is forming over this great land
Endangering the founding principles for which we stand

The Constitution seems to be thought of as “old and obsolete”
The Bill of Rights don’t meet the liberal standards some seek
Let us not change the baseline that’s worked for 200+ years
To fit a political agenda of some lawmakers and their peers

The freedom we cherish so dearly is slowly eroding away
Our standard of living gets lowered each and every day
Un-employment, under-employment; job hunting’s in vain
Retired watch their savings erode; hopes go down the drain

The direction we’re headed isn’t working! Let us get smart
We need lawmakers with the country’s best interest at heart
What’s needed is an attitude change “from sea to shining sea”
Let’s return this country back to God’s “sweet land of liberty”!

The ocotillo are starting to bloom here in Arizona now. This one is in my yard :



  1. Herm, via your poetic words, you manage so well to bring attention to the current worrisome state of things... while not further dividing people with different political views. Well done, my friend. What fragile times these are, with many emotions running rampant through the atmosphere. Wish my words, on this topic, were as intelligent as yours. But my heart is speaking with you.

  2. Thank you, Kristin. Times do seem troubled in most parts of the world, don't they?