Friday, December 28, 2012


No poem today …. Just a photo.  As many of my readers know I’m recovering from extensive heart surgery. I was released from the hospital two weeks ago yesterday and I’m progressing very well. However, the creative juices needed to write a poem just haven’t surfaced yet. In the interim, I did want to post a photo that I took a few years ago.
The picture was taken from the north peak of the Superstition Mountains which are located to the east of Phoenix, Arizona. The White Tank Mountains which can be seen on the horizon are about 70 miles to the west.. To reach the vantage point, one must climb the Siphon Draw Trail which has its trail head in the Lost Dutchman State Park. This is a difficult trail and should only be done by experienced hikers and with the proper equipment!

The formation jutting out in the center of the picture is known as the “Flatiron”. Most people only see the Flatiron from the valley below, so enjoy this view from the top. . . . . . .

Photo By Herm Meyer        


  1. Herm, beautiful photo composition -- what a place to be! Thanks for hiking up there so we don't have to, in order to enjoy this view.

    Rest up and you will be back on your beloved desert trails very soon... And with camera, we hope!!

  2. A wonderful capture from this interesting part of the world Herm .... but oh! what a long hike up.
    Take care

    "All Things French"