Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mother's Cookbook

One of the items found among my mother’s personal items after she passed away was an old cookbook. The book was in near terminal condition. You might say, “It had shared its last batch of cookies!”

Seeing the cookbook immediately triggered an image of my mother standing in front of our old, depression-era, wood-burning cook stove preparing supper. I just had to write a poem about this ancient book.

The photos, which required lots of computer touch up, are of the front cover and some of the book’s handwritten pages.

The cover was discolored and torn
Its corners were rounded and worn

The binding has seen better days
Pages were faded. . . . a role time plays

Inside the cover and written with care
A list of pages; her favorites to share

Pages of hand-written treats fill her book,
Earmarks and notes call for a special look

For these could signal a favorite recipe
Maybe a unique creation fit for royalty

Opening the book, more likely than not
It always seemed to find the same spot

Was this a message from the vast beyond?
Maybe, a recipe of which Mom was fond?

Reading those pages, one need not go far
To find, in the column, a penciled in star

Bingo! It became clear as blue in the sky
Mom’s favorite; strawberry-rhubarb  pie!

Poem by Herm Meyer


In a few days it will be one year since I started this blog and posted my first poem. As of this morning, there have been 4850 page views in 73 countries. 

A big .......Thank You! 

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