Monday, July 23, 2012


We are fortunate for our poem this week to have a contribution by a guest poet. The “nom de plume” (Pen Name) of our contributing poet is Norm and we thank him for sharing his talent.

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Enjoy. . . . .

I often have pondered just how it would be
if respect was the greeting most offered to me.
But soon I remembered that blessing was a sample
of something that one must achieve by example.

Many times in my life I wondered just how
I could gain the trust of others and have it right now.
But soon I discovered that respect would not come
to those who were just wishing and offered but none.

A child should display that trust and respect
for his parents who often had to feel him reject
their love and support for his tenuous ways
even though he didn’t deserve it some days.

Any employee can tell you how he feels a great loss
whenever he losses respect for his uncaring boss.
It’s most important for everyone to consider just why
we all yearn for respect not just pie in the sky.

But few realize trust by others must be earned
and that truth and respect can often be learned
by observing very closely the actions of a man
whose life has been dealt an unplayable hand.

The true measure of a man is not his great wealth
but rather his actions when life robs him of health.
It is for us all to consider how we tolerate such pain
when it is clear to each of us there is nothing to gain.

For it is when times are the hardest and all we can do
is to try and remove that stone in our shoe.
And by lessening that burden that holds us in check
we discover our true nature and finally gain respect.

Poem by Norm

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