Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Flag

In the United States, June 14th is celebrated as Flag Day. It commemorates the adoption of the flag for the United States. The date was officially proclaimed in 1916. With our Independence Day celebration, July 4th, a couple of week away, a special poem seemed appropriate.

Today’s poem was written for a picture emailed to me by my dear friend, Ann. In the poem I try to highlight the honor and respect deserving of a country’s flag.

A decorated veteran sits deep in thought
But it’s not about the battles he has fought
He’d been in town watching the local parade
But, he left with the feeling it was all a charade

The Independence Day parade was a gala event
Attendance was great, all the town folks went
Colorful floats, banners and marching bands
The cheers were loud from those in the stands

Yes, the parade route was lined with excited fans
Impressive were the cheers, shouts and clapping hands
One thing, however, stuck in this old warrior’s craw
Twas the lack of respect for the flag that they saw

They didn’t see “his” battered flag of past campaigns
With frayed edges, a bullet hole and its battle stains
As the honor guard passed with flags proudly displayed
Only a disabled man stood up; proper respect portrayed

 Poem by Herm Meyer


If the Independence Day parade had taken place in the United States the following scene might unfortunately be true……..

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