Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pioneer Spirit

The subject of ghosts and ghost towns is always of interest and one that allows the imagination to run wild. Here in Arizona we have our share of mining towns that were abandoned when their mines closed because the minerals that were being mined ran out.

We also have ranches that were abandoned during hard times. I thought it would be fun to write a poem about a ghost that just might be found in one of these “haunted” homes. So here we go …….

Howdy! Got a moment? Please lend me your ear.
I’m a friendly spirit with a story for you to hear
When I say friendly spirit I don’t mean to boast
I’m an apparition; what you mortals call a ghost!

A special breed built the shelter you see here now
With fire in the belly, sweat dripping off the brow  
I remember their arrival and the pursuit of their goal
Saw the home being built bringing joy to their soul

Pioneers worked this land with the simplest of tools
A man, his wife, two kids and a couple of old mules
But fate held a much different plan or so it appears
They left, their dreams dashed, amidst anguish and tears 

Yes, I’ve been visiting this old cabin for quite some time
And now I guess, these happy haunting grounds are mine
The pioneer’s tradition I’ll gladly uphold; take it from me
A “friendly ghost with a pioneer spirit”; that’s what I’ll be!

                                                                          Poem by Herm Meyer

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