Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lighthouses have played an important part in the early days of commerce by sea. Starting out with a bonfire on shore then, a fire on an elevated structure and, eventually, a light on a tower.

The early users must have realized that as they went higher, they could see farther. That realization might have led them to the fact that the world was not flat.

The photos included in today’s post come from some of the many around-the-world lighthouse photos on the internet. The poem is this “land lubbers” attempt to capture some of the glamour that surrounds lighthouses. . . . . .Enjoy!

Majestically standing high on the shore looking seaward
Its powerful light alerts sailors of land’s pending hazard
A low mournful horn gives its warning by sound
So, in fog, the dangerous shoreline begs to be found

A pillar of strength against the violence of nature’s wrath
Standing undaunted in an angry storm’s buffeting path
A welcome sight to a troubled ship and its wayfaring crew
Seeking shelter from the ravages of nature’s violent venue

If only the lighthouses walls could tell their amazing tales
From its lifesaving dramas to the sighting of killer whales
Climbing up the inside stairs, imagination can run wild
It’s no wonder many visiting tourists go away beguiled

          Modern day technology has replaced the lighthouse use as a beacon with such systems as the Loran, radar and GPS. Many lighthouses have been torn down and the trend continues. A few have become tourist attractions and some have even become unique bed and breakfast places. How you like to wakeup in the morning at the top of a lighthouse and watch the sun rise over the ocean? 

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