Sunday, March 4, 2012


Sorrow is one of life’s sad realities. We’ve all had to deal with sorrow to some extent in our lives. It’s not pleasant and it’s not easy!

Today’s photo was found while surfing Google’s vast inventory of photos. I interpret the picture as a grieving widow visiting her departed husband’s gravesite.  The black-and-white photo is appropriate for this setting and the weather adds to the depression of the occasion.

In my poem, I tried to be a little on the lighter side without being disrespectful of the solemn circumstances

It was a damp, cloudy and gloomy day
But a widowed lady felt the need to pray
Tears from her crying eyes slowly increased
As she visited her soul mate, recently deceased

Over the years they’d become the best of friends
And it hurts deeply when a rapport like that ends
“Dear, I came by to see you” she softly whispered
Then continued to talk, knowing she was being heard

“I miss you a lot, but I will be fine,” she said.
Then, many pent-up emotions she began to shed
Like managing the household alone, that was rough
And, keeping all those bills paid was also tough

She felt better by unloading her troubles and strife
And slowly she started seeing a happier side of life
She said, as a slight smile replaced her lonely frown,
“Dear, it’s first time in years, the toilet seat stays down!”

                                         Poem by Herm Meyer

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