Sunday, March 11, 2012

Porch Dog

It’s always fun writing about dogs and today’s poem was no exception.  Today’s photo came to me in one of the newsletters I receive.

The dog is shown in an impressive and authoritative pose. The photographer, Erica Simone, did an excellent job with the lighting and I like the angle at which it was shot. I would not want to be an intruder of the protected area……

An impressive figure is standing tall
Still, as in statue, high upon a wall
This obedient canine watches over the yard
His caring master told him to guard

Alerted by a noise he heard in the dark
Surveying the scene, he decides not to bark
Better to surprise an unsuspecting prey
Than to bark and scare the intruder away

He watches and waits, but to his dismay
Nothing is stirring! Did the villain get away?
What really happened, it most likely seems
Our heroic dog had one of his dreams
                                                                     Poem by Herm Meyer

It seems the world is divided between dog lovers and cat lovers. I tend to favor dogs, I guess, because of their loyalty to mankind. Cats are cute and witty. Cat owners claim their pets are more engaging and tend to push the limits on obedience. What’s your choice and why?

Here’s my 16 year old Australian Cattle dog……. Pepper

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