Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Key

Recently I met, through the internet, a charming couple, Paulette and Gus. They were the “stars” in a series of photos showing their joy upon winning a contest for a secret prize.

The contest was the “brain child” of Kristin on her blog, French Word-A Day .

The prize turned out to be an antique French key. Let your imagination run free. What do you see in the key’s history? What treasures were protected behind lock doors? Did the locked doors protect someone during the French Revolution?  Did the key fit a door in a royal chateau of France’s historic past? One can only imagine.

For now, the key will be a treasured possession of a well-deserving couple. I wrote this poem to help commemorate the occasion.

In the autumn of their fruitful life
After many years of struggle and strife

A charming couple stands holding a key
A picture-perfect scene of mutual harmony

The key’s so special, they hold in their hand
For it came as a gift from a far away land

It could be the key to their true love and trust
As life together, which they agree, is a must

More than just a piece of old hardware
It has future memories for them to share

They’ll always remember the package in the mail
And cherish this key, IT’S NOT FOR SALE!


I was surprised when I looked up the meaning of key.  My simple dictionary had 26 meanings for the word key when used as a noun. Things like the key to success, musical instrument parts and a windup tool are just a few of the noun meanings. How about the string of islands . . . . the Florida Keys?

The word “key” can also be used as an adjective (a key point) and a verb (one can key data into a computer system).

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