Sunday, January 15, 2012


Living in Arizona certainly has its advantages when it comes to being able to enjoy the outdoors. The saguaro cactus, symbolic of the Arizona desert, grows as high as 50 feet, gets its first arm in 75 plus years and can live for 200-300 years.

Even though I’m chronologically challenged (old) I still get out and hike in the desert. On one of my hikes I took this photo of a unique saguaro that grew two main trunks instead of the one which is normal.


Welcome to my space on the planet
in a secluded wash just off the trail
Join in with my friends . . . . The critters,
singing birds and a few colorful quail

With Palo Verde trees on both sides,
it’s a pleasantly cool and shady spot
Especially good in the midst of summer
when the dry winds blow un-Godly hot

Occasionally someone on their daily
hike will leave the trail to take a peek
At the rare saguaro cactus down in the
wash, a one of a kind, said to be unique

The excitement, the wonder in their eyes
and, oh, the surprised look on the face
They stand in awe . . . they can’t believe
Siamese twins; bodies joined at the base

Poem by Herm Meyer


As the famous announcer Paul Harvey would always say……And now for the rest of the story. . . . .

In last February Kristin Espinasse, French writer and photographer, stopped in Phoenix to visit her sister and to attend what we bloggers call a “meet-up” . . . a get together of local readers of Kristin’s blog. She had been on a trip to see her mother in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico prior to her Phoenix visit. We all met at a Starbuks and then went for a short hike.

I framed this picture-poem and gave it to her as a souvenir of the meet-up.

To see Kristin’s photos and narrative of the meet-up check out her blog at … French Word-A-Day Meet-up


GPS location of cactus:  Latitude = 33.598943 ; Longitude = -112.07208 ; Altitude = 1395 feet


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