Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today’s photo was taken by Kristin Espinasse and featured awhile back on her blog . . . French Word-A-Day.  I am impressed by the depth perspective of the photo.

The photo has a three-dimensional look with the perspective lines emanating from a point somewhere in the distant hills.  My poem describes what the picture was saying to me. There maybe other stories hidden within this peaceful European village scene. What do you see?

It’s a quiet and peaceful village scene
Where one’s living stage is so serene
A friendly panting pup seeks shade
Or maybe a new friend to be made

A picturesque historic mission steeple
Looks down on a square void of people
A lone lamp post stands silent as if on call
For when the sun goes down and night will fall

What mysteries do these painted walls hide?
Inside these shuttered abodes, what stories abide?
The steeple or the lamp post will not reveal
And as for the loving pet, he’ll NEVER squeal!

                                                                      Poem by Herm Meyer


  • As we enter the New Year, I am humbled by and thankful for, my reader support. Thank you! I wish each of you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year

  • Just before Christmas, Kristin’s new book "Blossoming in Provence" became available through Amazon. It recently jumped to Number 22 on Amazon’s Hot New Release List”!!!! It has a 5-star readers rating. I finished reading it last night and I highly recommend it.

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