Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pays Du Vin

As some of you know, I am what is called a “Francophile” . . . i.e., a person who likes all things French. So when I found today’s photo on the internet it immediately took me to Southern France and the wine country.

The small vineyards scattered in the wine country are usually operated by dedicated individuals with the skills and a passion to carry-on the family tradition for making distinctive wines.

In other wine producing areas like Germany, Italy or Australia, the scenery may be different, but I’m sure dedicated individuals also carry-on a tradition left by their forefathers.  We all enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Enjoy the picture and my poem!

In the beautiful rolling hills of southern France
In the lovely area that’s known as Provence
Where purple lavender flowers, in a mistral breeze, sway
There’s a vineyard making wine the time-proven way

Luscious green vines aligned as in formation
Fruit clusters ready for a taste bud sensation
 Picking the prime purple gems will soon get started         
And, to the “Cave”, the precious fruit will be carted

There’s lots of mystery hidden within those cave walls
Secret dos and don’ts! Only “le patron” knows them all
Grapes go in and wine comes out. That much we do know
Good Lord willing, the “vin nouveau” will be “Best of Show”

          Poem by Herm Meyer

Pays du Vin = Wine Country
le patron - the  boss
vin nouveau - new wine



Those interested in the tradition of wine making will find the website Domaine Rouge-Bleu interesting and informative:


It can be viewed in either French or English

P. S.: Say hello to Jean-Marc in his comment column for me.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rat Race

Today’s picture, which I found on the internet, gives the appearance of motion in a still photo. It is an excellent example. Is it a real time photo done with a slow shutter speed or is it a “photo-opted” creation? Either way it brought out a poem in yours truly.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Living in Arizona certainly has its advantages when it comes to being able to enjoy the outdoors. The saguaro cactus, symbolic of the Arizona desert, grows as high as 50 feet, gets its first arm in 75 plus years and can live for 200-300 years.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


In today’s competitive world with its many pockets of civil unrest and the clouds of economic uncertainty, life can get hectic! Here in the United States we are also being bombarded with political rhetoric from both parties as we gear up for the nationsl elections this fall.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Today’s photo was taken by Kristin Espinasse and featured awhile back on her blog . . . French Word-A-Day.  I am impressed by the depth perspective of the photo.