Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dog's "OMG" Ride

The photo for today’s poem has been around e-mail circles for a while. The determined look on the lady’s face and the fear in the eyes of the hapless rider are priceless! Every time it came to me, I had to chuckle.

Last week one of my e-mail friends sent the photo to me again (Thank you, Eileen) and, this time, a poem started forming in the cobwebs of my brain. This photo sure had a story to tell! Enjoy……..

This is scary! Lord have mercy on this old hound
Thanks for the ride, but let us not be heaven-bound

Lord. . . . Why are those horns going beep-beep-beep?
If this is the end, please, I pray my K-9 soul to keep

Hey, my nerves are on edge and I can’t stop shaking
Oh, my! She signaled right but a left-turn she’s making

Our Father who……Oh my goodness! Did you see that?
Art in Heav …….She just ran over that poor black cat!

See her knuckles? White as the newly driven snows
And, look at those reading glasses perched on her nose

Hey, watch out! Duck! Wow! She almost hit that tree
 I’m thinking, just maybe, it’s time to give up the key

When we finally get there, to me, she won’t be sweet
‘cause as we flew past that last stop sign, I wet the seat!

                                                                                       Poem by Herm Meyer


On the subject of elderly people:

A phrase to remember as we enter those golden years was related to me recently. While attending a local Bluegrass festival, I asked a “chronologically challenged” banjo player how he was doing. After pointing to the scar on his chest and holding up three fingers indicating a triple bypass he responded, “Any day above ground is a good one!”

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  1. Hi Herm,
    this is too cute! thanks for my daily chuckle---Lynn