Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cactus Flower

Having lived in Arizona since 1960, I’ve had lots of exposure to the desert critters and plant life.  A major portion of our plants are cacti and they contribute greatly to our unique landscape.

It is a surprise to some that cacti have flowers, It’s probably safe to say that all cacti have flowers; some bloom only at night.

The Hedgehog Cactus, found in the Phoenix area, is a daytime bloomer. Its lovely flowers add color to our desert in the spring months. The photo for today’s poem was taken along the trail just east of Shaw Buttes Mountain in North Phoenix. . . . .

I’d sure like to find that no-good guy
That suggested “Hedgehog” as my name
Got a moment? Let me tell you why
He should humbly bow his head in shame

Do I look like a pig? Not hardly!
Yet he called me one just the same
And I sure don’t look like a Harley!
It’s just not right, but hog is in my name?

That’s only half the story I have to tell
Do I look like a well-trimmed shrub?
That part of my name is a joke as well
The name “hedgehog” is really a snub!

Every spring when my flowers do bloom,
My critter friends gather around for a view
With a fragrant aroma like sweet perfume,
Wouldn’t “Desert Rose” sound better to you?


Stuff:  According to Wikipedia cactus can be singular or plural; similar to the words fish or deer. However, other acceptable plurals are cacti and cactuses.

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