Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bickering Birds

We can all thank Ben for this unique photograph. When I received his  email  with this photo atached, I knew at first glance that there had to be a story hidden in the scene.

The following poem is what the picture said to me.

Does the picture say something else to you? I'd love to hear your story in the comment box.....

Listen up! You and I need to have a talk
All the neighbors are putting up a squawk
The rooster is really upset! He wants you to know
When the morning sun comes up, it’s his time to crow

The ornery old barn owl is screeching mad to boot
‘Cause if darkness abounds, it’s he that gives a hoot

Even the humans are upset about your beeping
Your serenades are keeping them from sleeping

You’ve roughing up lots of feathers my friend
It’s high time these shenanigans come to an end

So…..This is it; it’s over; tonight’s the night
Stop flapping that beak; straighten up and fly right!



 Some "For the birds" humor to go along with today's poem......

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