Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lonesome and Then Some

The photo for today’s poem was found among the many pictures in Google Image. My first impression of the photo was
 a girls running away from home. My second was a trip to Grandma’s house. Neither of these ideas worked for me when I tried to write a poem for the picture.

Here, in poetic form, is the story that the photo told to me. Caution; you may need a hanky, or a tissue, for the ending……..

A thousand one, thousand two, thousand three
Where’s our ride? Where? Oh, where can he be?
Maybe he has car trouble? Why’s he running late?
Time sure goes slow when one has to wait

Hey Pup, do you miss him as much as I do?
I just love the caring bond he had with you
What fun you must have had out there together
Camping and hunting in all kinds of weather

Oh! I remember when he left on that awful day
It never dawned on me that he was gone to stay
I’ve cried, I did pray and, yes, I even got mad!
The good Lord knows. . . I sure do miss my DAD!

                                                      Poem by Herm Meyer

 Blog Note:

Thank you, loyal readers, for your support and encouragement. It is sincerely appreciated. Also, I'd want to welcome all my new readers. Thanks for following my blog..... Herm

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