Sunday, September 18, 2011

Man and Boy

One never knows when, or where from, the next idea for a poem will be found. Recently I met up an e-mail friend when she and her husband came to town to visit relatives. In the course of the conversation, my friend mentioned a photo she had seen of a man and a boy that she liked very much.

Her description of the scene formed a vague mental picture in my mind of possibly a father and his son.  An internet search turned up the photo which was the inspiration for today’s “Man and Boy” poem.  Enjoy………..

A well known Shakespearean phrase
States that ‘All the world’s a stage’
Lead by dreams deep in their heart
This man and boy must play a part 

The “actors” reflect on the job they’ve done
The challenges lost, the battles they’ve won
No words are spoken, just deep in thought
Did they score a plus or was it for naught? 

Walking down this winding gravel lane
Assurance prevails that life’s not in vain
When the sun comes up again in the morn
New trials and tribulations will be born 

The curtain slowly rises; it’s a new morning sky
With bodies well rested and heads held high
“Actors” skillfully perform their parts with ease
Their theatrical roles fulfilled; God is pleased

                                                              Poem by Herm Meyer

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