Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cool Hot Dog

In the southwestern part of the United States this past summer has been very severe! When the first day of fall arrived this past week, it was a welcome event. However, here in Phoenix, we are still getting daytime temperatures over 100 degrees.
Hot weather can be a problem for mankind, but its worse for our pets since they have limited cooling ability . . . . They don’t sweat.

The photo for today’s poem was found on the internet. It shows “one smart pet” and his solution to the heat problem.

It’s hotter than Hell out here today
No way, Jose, will I get up and play
Be rest assured, I’m not about to stray
In this cool bed of ice, I’m here to stay

It’s not that I dislike the warmth of the sun
But when it's too hot to frolic and run
I just want to be where it’s nice and cool
Hey, I’d even settle for a wading pool

So this is my firm and final condition
I’m staying in this freefall position
Don’t want to be known as “Hot-Dog of the Town”
My new title is “Cool K-9er”, spread it around!
                                                                                     Poem by Herm

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