Sunday, September 11, 2011


Recently I received an e-mail containing an awesome photograph of a National Cemetery scene. The theme of the photo expressed so much emotion that my eyes filled with tears as I viewed it.

The photo, not only “talked” to me, it “screamed at me” to write a poem!

According to the email, the photo was taken on a June morning at the National Cemetery in Minneapolis MN and appeared in the Minneapolis Star/Tribune. I haven’t been able to verify this information.

It was difficult to decide what the photographer wanted to portray with this excellent photo since there were so many possibilities. Here are my thoughts in a poem I call “Heroes.”  If the poem bring a tear to your eyes . . . . . Good!

On a cool foggy morn, the world starts out a new day
And life will go on freely in its hustle-bustle way
The world’s earthly struggle can be safely replayed
Thanks to sacrifices that these brave souls have made

In this sacred location on God’s earth so solemn
Resting in peace, row by row, column by column
Lie brave fallen warriors, loyal to their oath and creed
Known well was the danger. Fear, they chose not to heed

These heroes by their action made the world a safer place
And a debt of gratitude is owed by the whole human race
A bowed head, a moment of silence, a “thank you” prayer
Even the majestic bald eagle stops by, his respects to share

                                                                                  Poem by Herm Meyer

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