Saturday, August 27, 2011

Store Front

     Photo from the Internet

It’s Saturday morning in a small depression-era town
Locals relaxing as the week’s clock is winding down
The day starts with a “Shake and Howdy” as they meet
The work week over; it’s “off the feet and take a seat”

With tired bodies aching and sore muscles swelling
The time seems right for some old fashion storytelling
With heart felt emotions the soul-born tales are told
The shopkeeper listens intently as the stories unfold.
A world of drama’s etched on those work-weary souls
Touching stories of joy, sadness, dreams and goals
When a weathered five-string banjo appears on the scene
It’s clawhammer-style gospel with singing so serene
Eventually, spirits uplifted, each is off to his humble abode
Tomorrow it’s church and thanks for blessings bestowed
Singing “Halleluiah” and “Praise the Lord” with conviction
These humble folks will be praying for God’s benediction
                                                              Poem by Herm Meyer

P.S. I just received an email (thanks to Bob KuKrall on 8/23/2014) that had a colorized copy of this photo.....   Enjoy

WOW! What a terrific job of converting to color.....Herm 

 Interesting observation. The colorized photo and my B&W are DIFFERENT photos!!!!!
Notice the men on the bench......The two on the right have their arms positioned different, the man behind the post is more visible and the guy on the right has his head turned more...

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  1. Wow, as you mentioned it is almost the same photo but the photographer must have taken many as we all do. There's that built in fear we have that the first one might not be just right so three or four are better. I"m thinking this was film so the photographer had to think long and hard about how many shots he took. I am thankful for digital.