Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patient Dog

This photograph was received by email a while back and certainly has a story to tell. Patience, compassion, sharing and understanding are all descriptors that come to mind. Possibly mankind might take a lesson from this wise old hound dog.

Hey, critter. Yes you. What’s the deal?
You sneak in here and steal my meal!

Of all God’s creatures that could share my lunch
It seems I’ve been dealt the worst of the bunch

When it comes to patience, I’m a winner
If I weren’t, would I let you eat my dinner?

Past encounters with your kind tells me to stay
At a very safe distance; let you have his way

Although you look like a cute and fuzzy kitty
Your concealed weapon gets used without pity

So I’ll just let you eat like a slobbering hog
Guess that is why I’m called a “Watch Dog”!

                                                   Poem by Herm Meyer

Monday, August 29, 2011

Goats on a Log and Nanny in a Log

The picture for today’s poem came from a terrific blog called Southern Fried French hosted by Lynn McBride. Lynn features unique glimpses of French living complete with mouth-watering recipes. Click on the above link and check it out.

By the way
I must say
Its gourmet
All the way

The picture called “Goats on a Log” was part of Lynn’s blog which, on that particular day, discussed goat cheese and some associated recipes. When I showed my poem to a friend of mine, she said, “Why didn’t you say something about the goat inside the log?” So I wrote a second poem called “Nanny in a Log.” Enjoy!

Goats on a Log

Goats on a log in a field of lush green
What kind of story is behind this scene?
A herd of nannies on a make-believe crest
Several are standing, a few are at rest

One might wonder, is this part of a mini caper?
Or a live photo-shoot by the local newspaper
There must be an intriguing story for us to read
Maybe with a prince riding a pure white stead

Alas! There’s no sensational story to behold
It’s just a game to see who’s next to fold
The last one standing fits the bill
To be known by all as “Queen of the Hill”


Nanny in a Log

Mary had a little nanny, her coat was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went, Nanny was sure to go
But Nanny had a favorite spot where sometimes she’d rather be
Like resting in the hollow remains of a long-dead old oak tree

That is her secret little hide-away, a very special place to her
When escaping to her “wooden cave”, like a kitten she would purr
She often was joined by her lady friends who loved to spend their days
Climbing on that old oak log and soaking up the sun’s warming rays

Then came the dreadful day when a major catastrophe struck
And Nanny’s world was shaken with a horrible stroke of luck
Sadly, she’ll never return to that beloved old tree trunk
For it’s now the proud family home of an old and smelly skunk


Photo from the Internet
 A hard working, God-fearing, weathered pioneer
Had a dream in his heart for many a year
To homestead on the prairie with his family
Rooted to Mother earth in perfect harmony

The nest-egg they had saved was barely enough
And they knew the road ahead would be rough
But they followed their dream of a brand new start
With the wind at their backs. A prayer in their heart

Fulfilling life’s dream by the sweat of their brow
The home they built still stands there now
Soil was plowed and seeded. They worked long hard hours
But the much needed crop failed . . . There were no showers

Fate was unkind to these hard working souls
They humbly left their dream and many unfilled goals
  Took their meager belongings and some of that dry prairie dirt
A tribute to their effort. A memorial to the hurt.

Poem by Herm Meyer


One of the things that made the Great Depression so bad is that right in the middle of one of the worst financial crisis in the US's history, there was a drought of epic proportion.The picture above was taken near Dalhart, Texas.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Store Front

     Photo from the Internet

It’s Saturday morning in a small depression-era town
Locals relaxing as the week’s clock is winding down
The day starts with a “Shake and Howdy” as they meet
The work week over; it’s “off the feet and take a seat”

With tired bodies aching and sore muscles swelling
The time seems right for some old fashion storytelling
With heart felt emotions the soul-born tales are told
The shopkeeper listens intently as the stories unfold.
A world of drama’s etched on those work-weary souls
Touching stories of joy, sadness, dreams and goals
When a weathered five-string banjo appears on the scene
It’s clawhammer-style gospel with singing so serene
Eventually, spirits uplifted, each is off to his humble abode
Tomorrow it’s church and thanks for blessings bestowed
Singing “Halleluiah” and “Praise the Lord” with conviction
These humble folks will be praying for God’s benediction
                                                              Poem by Herm Meyer

P.S. I just received an email (thanks to Bob KuKrall on 8/23/2014) that had a colorized copy of this photo.....   Enjoy

WOW! What a terrific job of converting to color.....Herm 

 Interesting observation. The colorized photo and my B&W are DIFFERENT photos!!!!!
Notice the men on the bench......The two on the right have their arms positioned different, the man behind the post is more visible and the guy on the right has his head turned more...