Thursday, October 29, 2015


Having lived in Arizona for over fifty years, I qualify as a “Desert Rat”! Technically I am not a native Arizonan, but I sure feel like one. A favorite among the natives and long-time residents like myself are pinto beans.  Pintos are the main ingredient in recipes for cowboy beans and also used as a side dish with many Mexican entrees  . . . . “los frijoles refritos” (refried beans)

The idea to write a beans poem came to me after making a large pot of cowboy beans with ham  . . . spiced up with jalapeno chilies. . . . .Yummmmm.

The photo was found on the internet with a Google photo search……Thank you, Google!

Enjoy the poem . . . . .


Pintos, black beans and a ham hock
Simmered slowly around the clock
A big cast-iron pot of cowboy stew
Enough to feed a hungry trail crew

The crew chows down as cowboys will
They eat until they reach their fill
Oh, how cowboys love eating their beans
Putting a strain on their tight-fitting jeans
Tired and belly full, they all bed-down
A peaceful scene with nary a sound 
Calm interrupted by an occasional snore
Then beans kicked in and it’s quiet no more

Beans, beans . . . . The wonderful fruit
The more you eat the more you “toot”
The more you toot, the better you feel
So eat those beans with every meal!!!

                                              Poem by Herm Meyer


Pinto beans have a few slang names.......Whistle berries, Pecos strawberries and Fart-n-Darts to name a few. The following comical drawing points out the side effect of the beans . . . . .

I have to admit . . . . The last verse of the poem is an old western jingle that's been around for many years. I borrowed it for the ending as it was too good not to share........Herm