Sunday, August 23, 2015

The RV

We are fortunate today to have another poem by guest poet, Norm Neville. Today’s “tongue ‘n cheek” rendition of life on the road in a RV (recreation vehicle) describes in a humorous way some of the things that can, and do, happen when RVing. Norm and his wife, Sue, have spent many days on the road so many of these poetic observations are probably backed by experience!

The photo of the “not too roadworthy or comfortable looking” recreation vehicle was found on the internet.  Norm and Sue deny every having owned or even used it. Ha!


 If you ever get the urge to see our great land
You can travel in a manner that appears very grand.
You just need to be aware of a toy called an RV
Which was invented for travel for you and me.

Now a recreational vehicle is a sight to behold
Containing every convenience for both young and old.
Why, it has water and electric both toilet and sink
And can be ready to go as quickly as a wink.

All you must do is load your family and gear
And stuff as many tools as you can in the rear.
Be sure to bring clothing and even good shoes
Because you never know what places you’ll choose.

Bring food, drink and snacks as well as your wine
And don’t forget the kids and your dog on a line.
Fill your tank with propane and check air in your tire
And be sure to carry duct tape and bailing wire.

Because each trip is an adventure for sure
With nary any warning of what you’ll endure.
Suddenly when disaster looms just straight ahead
You’ll want to be ready and always well fed.

You may need to fix things as you roll toward your goal
So that you can relax upon arriving, at least I am told.
Somehow it never seems to quite work out that way
And you may find yourself fixing while others play.

You see the RV is a mechanical wonder
Which you all too often need to crawl under.
And instead of unwinding at the end of the trail
You might often be repairing the damage from that nail.

Some even curse the concept of traveling along
The nations back roads while singing a song
But the vacation in truth is not what it should be
But rather, it can be work to use that darn RV.

                                               Poem by Norm Neville



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Saturday, August 8, 2015


Recently I came across a phrase in common usage and wondered about its origin. Looking the phrase up on "Google", I found the results interesting. That led me to researching the origin of more sayings, many of which were both interesting and surprising. 

Looking up the origin of many phrases led to the idea of writing a poem about the subject. Hey, there are not too many poems about phraseology! After writing the poem, I was faced with the task of finding a picture to go with the poem . . . . Not easy!

The picture, found on the internet, has no connection to phrases or sayings. Well, maybe the picture is open to a hidden interpretation like some of the phrases.



We hear many catchy phrases everyday
Adding color to what we chose to say
“Can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear”
Is a well-known saying one might hear

“Don’t take wooden nickels” or “Buy a pig in a poke”
“Play it close to the vest” to avoid going broke
Remember. ..“Don’t change horses in midstream”
And “Steady as she goes” to achieve your dream

Like a lonely drifter traveling all alone
“No moss is gathered by a rolling stone”
Riding a zealous bronco without a saddle
One could be “Up the creek without a paddle

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”
So “Out on a limb” the daring souls can go
Without caution, “Woe might be their lot”
Stuck between a rock and a hard spot

“Don't count your chickens before they hatch”
“A bird in the hand is worth two in the thatch”
“To all good things, the end must come”
So it is with this poem . . . time to succumb!



My favorite saying: "Behold the turtle, he moves ahead only when his neck is stuck out!" 


In the United States, the deceased are said to be: "Pushing up daisies".  In France they are: "Eating dandelions by the root"

Do you have a favorite saying. . . . .  Please share in the comments