Sunday, March 9, 2014


On a recent trip into town, I had a long wait for my appointment. So another fellow and I went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather of the day and to get some fresh air.  

 In the distance a homeless man was coming down the street toward us. He sheepishly approached us as we braced ourselves for an obvious “handout” experience.  To our surprise, the man started talking non-stop with the exception of an occasional break to catch his breath. He never did ask for a handout!

My companion had experience as a social worker and offered many options where the homeless man could get help. I was moved by the experience and decided I needed to write a poem to express my feelings. Enjoy . . . . . . .


Went to the big city the other day
Saw a homeless man along the way
He shuffled along at a snail’s pace
Despair written on his weathered face

For him, the world had no sunny side
His comfort zone; a secluded spot to hide
His world had changed, he’d hit a brick wall
Without his bad luck, he’d have no luck at all

His clothes were a dreadfully sorry sight
Must have slept in them, many a night
He drifted closer and stopped next to me
It was obvious, the man needed company

Talking incessantly, he painfully bared his soul
Unloading on me, a litany of hardship and woe
It’s a story common to people of the street
They plead for help from whomever they meet

It was a sincere empathy within me that I felt
I was truly sorry for the hardships he was dealt
I said, “I’ll help, and I’ll see what I could do”
A “white lie” I had told since I am homeless too


As I’m writing today’s blog, I’m aware that today is when daylight saving takes effect. Here in Arizona, we do not change our clocks. Our Native Americans have an opinion about changing the clock. Here’s a cartoon, which has been going around the internet, explaining how they feel about it…….


  1. could you say something about my poem blog to bring some of your viewers to my blog

  2. Good luck with your blog. You got a great start! I like the feature of highlighting poets....there are some great writers out there both past and present.

    Thanks for the mention of my blog and I'm glad I inspired you to start this blog.

    One thing that has attracted readers for me was putting tags or labels on the post so the search engines can find you.

    I'm not writing a new poem at the moment, but I'll put your link on my posting.

    Again . . . . .Good luck!!!!