Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pistol Packin' Preacher

In the rough frontier days of the United States, it was common for a preacher to service several rural villages and/or unorganized settlements. The names, “Saddlebag Preacher” and “Circuit Rider”, were common titles by which they were known.

Since the territories were basically unsettled and populated with a host of wild animals, snakes and outlaws, they usually carried a rifle or sidearm for protection. Thus, the name “Pistol Packing Preacher” was often used.

This photo could very well be a……….

Pistol Packing Preacher

Conditions were harsh, dangers unforeseen; it was rough
But, the frontier homesteaders were extremely tough
These God-fearing people carved out their new domain
Overcoming enormous odds; they vowed to remain

A circuit pastor covers the area going from town to town
Praising the Lord while shouting the evil Devil down
These saddlebag preachers with their God-gifted lip
Spread the Word, bible in hand, loaded pistol on the hip

In our story scene, the settlers are headed to town
They’ve heard the preacher man was coming around
They’ll be gathering in an old weathered revival tent
To hear the spoken Word, sing halleluiah and repent

                                                                  Poem by Herm Meyer

This photo might be typical of the garb worn by a paster in an established church with its adobe building and possibly a school:




  1. Hi Herm,

    What a delightful poem you have shared this morning - I love your style.


  2. Herm, what a scene you paint of a part of history I've never read about before. Thank you for your educational poem! (P.S. AMEN!) P.P.S. I'm glad to see the paster in the photo is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and long-sleeved shirt to protect his skin from the dangers of the burning sun. Now I'm done preaching! :-)