Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lost Lady

If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’ve probably experienced the agony that comes with losing a pet.

The sinking feeling when you first realize you pet has disappeared and the heart-felt sorrow that comes when you conclude the pet is lost.

Recently a friend of mine lost her pet and I wrote a poem about the scary situation. This time I didn’t have a picture that “talked to me” and guided me while writing the poem. I wrote the poem and then searched the internet to find photos to compliment the poem.

What I come up is a little different. I hope you enjoy………

Dog gone! It was quite an event
Help! Our dog “Lady” has done went
Looked high, low and all around
She’s gone! Nowhere to be found

Darkness sets in, as does fear
Still not a word do we hear
Where will she choose to sleep?
What company will she keep?

Finally the saga began to unfold
And the real story could be told
With no remorse, this dog just gloats
“Hey, I was just feeling my oats!”


On the humorous side……..


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