Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Ranch Mystery

Today's poem was written for a painting found on the Internet. I have received copies of the painting several times by email.

Living in the Southwestern part of U.S., I was especially attracted to the ranch scene. I was impressed by the detail in this piece of art. Notice the buzzard circling overhead and the red cardinal sitting on the fence post. Another impressive detail is how the smoke from the chimneys and the windmill's weather vane are going in the same direction.

It’s a calm and peaceful mid-winter’s day
The distant sun too weak to melt the snow away
This weathered homestead, built on virgin prairie soil
Stands as a tribute to a pioneer’s sweat and toil

A circling bird of prey eyes the ground below
Looking for whatever food the earth can bestow
Columns of smoke rising at a slow gentle pace
Suggest a potbelly stove and a warm fireplace

But, it’s all too quiet and it seems so strange
What’s going on in this home-on-the-range?
What mystery does this humble shack hide?
Why the saddled horses at the gate outside?

Are there outlaws inside escaping from jail?
Their horses ready if they had to hit the trail
Maybe neighbors just dropped-in to chat for a spell?
If the later is true, then surely, all is well
                                                                                      Poem by Herm Meyer

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