Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Role Model

This poem highlights an important quality that can help shape the character of a youthful individual . . . . . The Role Model.

Too often, in today’s world, our “role models” are high profile athletes or entertainers who may, or may not, have the necessary qualities to be called a role model.

Instead of a photo, this week’s poem was written around a clipart picture that was found while doing an internet search. To me, the clipart told a story that became the words of the following poem.

A man and a boy walking hand in hand
Leaving footprints on the wind-blown sand
They talk about life, strife, fear and joy
A lasting impression for the youthful boy

Hardships versus goals; how’s one to cope?
The elder speaks of truth, wisdom and hope
A wise storyteller; a youthful eager mind
Form a lasting bond of the spiritual kind

Words of a “Sage” having passed life’s test
Prompt this eager boy to always do his best
Facing the prospect of a heavy unknown load
Never will he “kick the can down the road”


Blog News:

Welcome to the new readers that have joined us. I appreciate your comments and suggestions anytime.

This past week my poem “Heroes” received special recognition from USA Patriotism!. They listed the poem. You can find it quickly on the Recently Listed Poems  page. Their site is very interesting and well worth browsing. IMHO.



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