Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patient Dog

This photograph was received by email a while back and certainly has a story to tell. Patience, compassion, sharing and understanding are all descriptors that come to mind. Possibly mankind might take a lesson from this wise old hound dog.

Hey, critter. Yes you. What’s the deal?
You sneak in here and steal my meal!

Of all God’s creatures that could share my lunch
It seems I’ve been dealt the worst of the bunch

When it comes to patience, I’m a winner
If I weren’t, would I let you eat my dinner?

Past encounters with your kind tells me to stay
At a very safe distance; let you have his way

Although you look like a cute and fuzzy kitty
Your concealed weapon gets used without pity

So I’ll just let you eat like a slobbering hog
Guess that is why I’m called a “Watch Dog”!

                                                   Poem by Herm Meyer


  1. Thanks for the smiles, Herm, and for the reminder to be patient and to share: two values for which I need daily practice!

  2. Oh the poor dog. My Mini would be even more upset sharing her food than her bed!

    1. I'm betting your Mini, being a black lab, would come up with a tactful solution!