Wednesday, May 16, 2018


I received this poem by an email that was sent to me by a quilter. That quilter, who does excellent work on very complex and difficult quilts and also teaches quilting at all levels of skills, is Sharron, my dear wife of 55+ years.

Quilters do get involved in their work. They do also have a sense of humor as the poem will indicate...... Enjoy


She learned to quilt on Monday
Her stitches were very fine
She forgot to thaw out dinner
So we went out to dine

She quilted miniatures Tuesday
She says they are a must
They really were quite lovely
But she forgot to dust

On Wednesday, it was a sampler
She says the stipplin's fun
What highlights! Oh what shadows
But the laundry wasn't done

Her charm quilt was on Thursday
Green patches, blue and red
I guess she really was engrossed
She never made the bed

It was wall hangings on Friday
In colors she adores
But she never seemed to notice
The crumbs on all the floors

I found a maid on Saturday
My week is now complete
My wife can quilt the hours away
The house will still be neat

Well, it's already Sunday
I think I'm about to wilt
I cursed, I raved, I ranted— 
                                          The maid has learned to quilt!

                                     Author unknown 


I wonder if the author was really unknown or if he decided it was orudent not to reveal his name....