Sunday, January 21, 2018


It is never easy when a loved one or friend passes away. This past week, we lost our dear neighbor Christine Porter Hellan.

Many saddened friends joined her husband and two sons in a beautiful and emotional memorial service to celebrate the life of this unique lady.

I felt motivated to write the following poem honoring Christine.


Today we celebrate the life of Lady Christine
Blessed were we to share her in our life’s scene
A friendly “hello!” and her cheerful smile,
Was the usual greeting and her unique style

Carefree, but caring, sincere and witty
Handling life’s troubles without asking pity
As Frank Sinatra would probably say. . .
Twas her life to live. . . “She did it her way!”

Called to serve by a much higher source
Let us not linger in a world of remorse
Rejoice with the memories of her earthly stay
And proclaim to the world, “She did it her way!”


Here are two photos of Christine in earlier years.........